THE DIRT - Holiday Curb Appeal



These last few weeks the Adorn elves have been busy spreading holiday cheer to front porches and store fronts all over KC and OKC. We are in the holiday spirit and wanted to share some of our favorite decorating ideas with you to get your outdoor planters ready for the season.

In the picture above we started with a boxwood and then added festive holiday décor to create our finished product. If you'd like a traditional look, consider placing red berries, pine cones and red twig dogwood or birch poles for height around your evergreen. For a more elegant look, try assorted gold & silver ornaments or red ornaments in various sizes and textures. What is so fun about decorating your holiday planters is that there are absolutely no rules and you can use any or all of these pretties for a festive combination! If you have a wreath or other door decoration you can use coordinating decor as filler in your pots to tie it all together for a cohesive holiday look.

We love fresh evergreen garland! It smells SO good and is SO lush! One of our favorite things is to encircle the top of a planter with it. Word of warning though if using fresh greenery, the downside is that it dries out over time. We recommend initially spraying the greens with an anti-desiccant product like Wilt-Pruf so the needles will stay on longer and misting the greenery with water 3 times a week so it stays fresh. It's so beautiful and festive, it's worth the extra effort to keep it pretty, trust us!



Nothing gets us in the holiday spirit like live evergreens! The smell alone makes us swoon! We love to use it everywhere outside!

Drape some fresh garland around your mail box, outdoor bench or around your door. In this picture we secured the garland to the back of the bench with green zip ties. Of course we needed a pop of red so we added red pillows and tied an evergreen sprig and pinecone to them - you could also add a pretty ribbon. You can secure the pillows to the bench with clear fishing line so they don't blow away.

If you have lanterns put ornaments or pine cones inside of them and add an evergreen sprig, pine cone and ribbon to the top of each lantern.

We like to drape garland around our mailbox and tie in the decor from our planters for a consistent look. This year we used red berries, pine cones and red twig dogwood in our planters so we incorporated the berries and pine cones on our mailbox too.  

Of course, fresh evergreen wreaths are the perfect welcoming touch for your front door! You can buy inexpensive wreaths everywhere and add your own holiday decor elements to it so it blends with your existing holiday look. 

Happy decorating friends!



If you are looking for a darling hostess gift, teacher gift or holiday table decoration, do we have something for YOU! How cute is this little norfolk pine all dressed up for the holidays in a "silver" mint julep cup?!?! It's the perfect seasonal touch near a kitchen sink, in a powder room or on a tabletop and we are quite sure you need one or two or three. Give us a shout if we can pot one up for you. They are around 11-12" tall and $15 /each.

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“Adorn” your loved ones this holiday season! A gift certificate for custom container gardens is the perfect item for your friends and family. The certificates come in any denomination. Just give us a shout if we can help you cross some gifts off your list. HO HO HO!



One of our favorite places to plant in OKC is the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum. The Memorial Museum is an interactive learning experience that takes you on a chronological self-guided tour through the story of April 19, 1995, and the days, weeks and years that followed the bombing of Oklahoma City’s Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. The story tracks the remarkable journey of loss, resilience, justice and hope. The Outdoor Symbolic Memorial is a place of quiet reflection that honors the victims, survivors, rescuers, and all who were changed forever on April 19, 1995. It encompasses the now-sacred soil where the Murrah Building once stood, as well as the surrounding area devastated during the attack. 500,000 people visit the OKC National Memorial and Museum each year and millions have visited since it opened in 2000. 

During this time of year, the spirit of giving is on our minds and in our hearts. The Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum does not receive any annual operating funds from the federal, state or local government. Museum admissions, store sales, the OKC Memorial Marathon, earnings from an an endowment and private funding allows the Memorial and Museum to be self-sustaining. Adorn donates to the OKC National Memorial and Museum and would love for you to consider giving to this important organization also so it can continue to tell stories of resolve and resilience and of heroes and healing. Together we can continue to educate and inspire this generation and future generations. Please click on the link below for more information on giving.

We can't thank Kari Watkins, the Executive Director, and her team enough for letting us work in this incredibly special place in our city.