THE DIRT - Adorn's festive ideas for 4th of July & curb appeal

Cheers to the red, white and blue!

One of my favorite holidays, the 4th of July, is right around the corner. Whether you are hosting a gathering of friends and family to celebrate this important day for our nation or just want to show some patriotic spirit, here a few super easy tips to get your outdoor space looking festive. 

Flags, flags and more flags! Nothing says "Happy 4th" more than our beloved American flag waving in the Oklahoma breeze. You can find flags in all different sizes to fit all sizes of container gardens. I am a big fan of using mini-flags in multiples at the sides of pots. 

I'll let you in on a little secret. I'm obsessed with flag bunting and have been for years. I hang a 6 foot wide bunting outside on my dining room window every year during 4th of July week. So festive! The bunting in this picture is 3 feet wide and 1 1/2 feet long  - the perfect size for many windows. I love how it looks from both angles - when I'm inside at my kitchen sink looking out and from the outside by our back door.

But wait, there's more. Don't stop with flags and bunting...throw some red, white and blue pillows on a front porch bench and outdoor furniture. Now you're set!

It's so easy right? You even have time to whip up the mother of all 4th of July desserts, the patriotic classic...FLAG CAKE! Happy 4th friends!

Lantana...bring on the heat and sun!

If you're not already a lantana on!

Lantana is a perfect flowering filler plant for container gardens in sunny spots. Just look at the happy color of the blooms in this picture! Other colors include red, yellow, white, orange, lavender, pink and many other multi-color combinations. Gorgeous! These beauties attract butterflies and are deer and rabbit resistant. Lantana is tolerant of both drought and humid conditions and will need about 6 hours of direct sunlight a day.  

I love to combine lantana with a hot pink tropical hibiscus as the thriller and chartreuse sweet potato vine as the spiller, like in the pic below. It's a stunner! 

Plant haircuts, garden pests and watering...Oh my!

Plant haircut? If you have ever used chartreuse sweet potato vine in a pot before, you totally know what I'm talking about. Typically mid-July is when I need to give my sweet potato vine plant babies their first haircut. I don't like this aggressive plant to crowd out the filler plants or get too long. It grows like crazy so I end up giving it many haircuts before the end of summer. The purple and variegated types of sweet potato vine don't grow as profusely so I never have to trim them back. Even though the chartreuse kind needs more maintenance, I still adore it for its pop of color and fullness.

It wouldn't be summer without outdoor pests right? Unfortunately sometimes those bugs get into our container gardens. I am a big fan of an insecticide called Eight which kills over 130 insects. Every year I battle bugs on my hibiscus blooms and spraying with Eight a few times a week over two weeks will usually take care of the creepy crawlies. I recommend Natria Insecticidal Soap by Bayer Advanced as a great option for clients who prefer to use an organic product or if you are using it on or near herbs and veggies.

If I can leave you with three words of wisdom as we enter into the dog days of summer...WATER YOUR POTS! Seriously. I like to water first thing in the morning so the plants don't bake all day. Sorry to deliver this news, but you may need to water TWICE a day if your plants are in the full sun all day. If your plants are in the shade you may only need to water every other day or once every three days. Just pay attention to them. Are they wilting or getting crispy? That's the plants saying, "More water please!"

Let Adorn Help You

Summer is in full swing but it's not too late! Call Adorn and we can add gorgeous flowers and plants to your outdoor pots this summer. Whether it's for your front porch, pool side or store front, we'd love to help. Don't leave your outdoor pots naked this season!

Don't forget that an Adorn gift certificate is perfect for a housewarming or birthday gift. The gift of curb appeal that will last all season long, yes please!

Curb Appeal Shout Out!

Chelle Greene, a realtor with ReMax First, is truly one of Oklahoma City’s best realtors. She has helped clients buy and sell homes all over OKC, Edmond and Norman for nine years. The tagline for her business is music to my ears: “Specializing in the presentation of your home.” Absolutely! I’ve worked with Chelle on creating curb appeal through outdoor planters for her clients and her own home for years.
I can’t agree with Chelle more when she says, “Homes in all price ranges, it doesn't matter how big or small, they all need curb appeal. The first impression is the most important thing to get right before putting a home on the market. I advise my clients to add outdoor planters to their front and back yard when they are getting ready to sell their home. Beautiful container gardens make a great first impression to potential buyers and are easy for the homeowner to take with them after the house is sold. It’s a great investment for the homeowner and a lot less than the cost of new landscaping.”
You only get one chance to make a first impression, make it count!