THE DIRT - Adorn's tips for summer container gardens


Container gardens are more than eye candy

Container gardens not only add beauty and improve curb appeal, they can also serve the purpose of adding privacy or creating a focal point. Above is an example of using a container as a focal point. This flower filled bird bath is right smack dab in the center of our parents' kitchen garden. It's placed in the middle of brick pavers that wind through the small garden. We love how it adds interest and height to the setting. You can also use a container garden as a privacy screen. Many outdoor cafes use outdoor pots as a beautiful buffer to a sidewalk or parking lot. Homeowners can use outdoor planters to hide pool equipment or any other eyesore. Lovely and practical, yes please! 

P.S. - Isn't Smitty the cutest dad you've ever seen! Julie and I owe our love of gardening to our sweet parents.


Thrillers, fillers and spillers for shady spots

We must admit, we love the plant options for shady container gardens the most!

The thrillers that we tend to use a lot in the shade are majestic palm and kimberly queen fern. The palm lends a tropical vibe to the space which is just perfect for summer. Plus it makes a great statement with its height. We love to use a kimberly queen fern because of its upright leaves and it doesn't shed spent leaves like other varieties of ferns. The majestic palm and kimberly queen fern can both take some sun too, so we love their versatility. 

Can't beat a caladium as a filler, especially the White Christmas variety (shown in this picture). Impatiens are a perfect filler and come in so many color choices. Ferns are lovely fillers - some of our favorites are macho fern with its wide leaves, plumosa fern with its delicate leaves and the more common boston fern. We also love dragon wing begonia which is both filler and spiller. 

Ivy is a fantastic spiller for shade and is great for a pot year-round. Also, sweet potato vine and moneywort are nice spiller options for shade or sun.

In this picture, we used a majestic palm as the thriller, caladiums, dragon wing begonias and sweet potato vine as the fillers and spillers. LOVE!


Upcoming events

It's time to get your outdoor planters ready for the summer! Join us at West Elm in Classen Curve on Saturday, April 21st at 10am. Elizabeth will talk about the basics of container garden design and share her favorite summer flowers and plants for your outdoor planters. Then you get to dig in the dirt and create your own container garden to take home and enjoy all season long. We'll supply the flowers, small container and breakfast bites. Grab some friends and join us for this unique and fun event. Register here:

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Let Adorn Help You

Do you love pretty planters but don't have time to do it yourself? Summer is just around the corner friends! Let Adorn plant seasonal flowers and plants in your outdoor pots and cross that task off your list. Whether it's for your front porch or store front, we'd love to help. Also, an Adorn gift certificate makes a perfect gift for Mother's Day!


Curb Appeal Shout Out!

Crooks Stanford and Shoop is a boutique litigation and business services law firm located in Edmond, OK. They reached out to us in February to assist them with their outdoor planters and we are delighted to begin helping them on a seasonal basis. In March we planted boxwood shrubs, pansies and variegated ivy in their gorgeous Campania urns. Perfect curb appeal to welcome their clients.