We can design and install outdoor container gardens on a one time basis for your home or business. Adorn will work with you to design your custom container based on sunlight, level of care, décor and function. One time installation includes soil, fertilizer,  plants, mulch, design and installation.

$105 Cost to fill container with a diameter up to 14”



Let Adorn help keep your outdoor container gardens looking fabulous all year long. We’ll work with you to select the right plants for your space based on sunlight, level of care, décor and function. We install new plants into your containers four times a year as the seasons change. You will enjoy amazing curb appeal for your home or business throughout the year. The Seasonal Program includes soil, fertilizer, plants, mulch, design and installation.

$400 - Annual cost to fill container with a diameter up to 14”



Leave ALL the work to Adorn! Our Monthly Maintenance Program enables you to leave the design, installation and maintenance to us all year long. We start by consulting with you to determine which plants best suit your location and personality, taking into account sunlight, level of care, décor and function. We’ll visit once a month to freshen your plants as needed throughout a season and completely replace all your plants four times a year on a seasonal basis. You will have the benefit of beautiful outdoor container gardens all year long at your home or business. The Monthly Program includes soil, fertilizer, plants, mulch, design, new plant installation four times a year and monthly maintenance visits.

$660Annual cost to fill container with a diameter up to 14”



For containers with diameters over 14", add $25 for each 5" increment. 



Adorn’s prices assume you have your own containers (with the exception of gifts and rentals). If you would like assistance finding new containers, Adorn can help. Adorn will shop for you or provide you with suggestions including pictures, store locations and prices.



In search of a unique gift for a customer, friend or family member? Let Adorn create a custom container garden to suit the season and occasion. Great idea for realtor closing gifts for clients, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, hostess or teacher gifts. 

Prices start at $15



Only need to enhance your outdoor curb appeal for a short time? Perhaps you’re staging a home for sale or have a special event? Let Adorn design and deliver an outdoor container garden that will create a fabulous first impression. The cost is determined by container size and rental duration. Call us to visit about your needs. Let’s start creating instant curb appeal.